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just thinking loud again
Thursday, June 22, 2006
The Priss : deliberate brutal love dreamer (dbldf)

Mature. Responsible. Aristocratic. Excuse me. The Priss.

Prisses are the smartest of all female types. You're highly perceptive, and confident in your judgements. You'd take brutal honesty over superficiality any time--your friends always know where they stand with you. You're completely unfake. Don't tell me that's not a word. You're also excellent at redirecting internal negative energy.

These facts indicate people are often intimidated by you. They also fall for you, hard. You have a distant, composed allure that many find irresistible. If only more of them lived up to your standards.

Your exact opposite:
The Playstation

Random Gentle Sex Master
You were probably the last among your friends to have sex. And the first to pretend that you're pregnant. LOL. Though you're inclined to use sex as weapon, at least it's not as one of mass destruction. You're choosier than most about your partners. A supportive relationship is what you're really after. Whether you know it or not, you need something steady & long-term. And soothing.

ALWAYS AVOID: The Playboy, The Loverboy

CONSIDER: The Manchild

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my selfish self; alone in my space
living by myself has taught me a lot about life opened my eyes on different possibilities and made me discover a lot of things about are some of them:

1. that i don't want my house to smell like a giant ashtray. i know i'm a hypocrite but hey, i don't even date guys who smoke! when ronald and i used to live together, we both smoked inside the house and it really stinks. the worst part is you only notice the smell when you come home from work. you get used to it too much, it didn't bother me until soemone visits you and talks about it. Because of this, i only smoke at the back porch of my house. good thing yumyum doesn't complain about it.

2. that i can cook for my friends sometimes. i guess my mom is such a great cook that i never really tried to compete with her in that field. not having a microwave oven is also helping because it hinders me from buying microwavables that usually don't require much effort and time.and i love to wear my aprons!

3. that i'm so domisticated sometimes i feel like a housewife without the annoying husband who watches tv or play in the computer all the time (no offense meant).

4. that i could have kids in my space. the peace and quiet is good but sometimes it's deafening me. kids are fun and easy to please; just make sure you have chocolates in the fridge all the time and a beanbag in the living room.lit candles may not be a good idea, though.

5. that when you have a visitor in your house it is more polite to turn your cellphone off and focus on the visitor. otherwise it becomes a big argument between you and the visitor.and you don't want to do that because the visitor is always right...or is it the customer?hehehe!

6. it's easy to make your bed as soon as you get up in the morning.i remember waking up at the sound of my phone one time so i went out and smoke while chatting with my friend. i then cooked breakfast and ate and when i went babk in my room to get my bathrobe i realized i haven't made my bed yet. i was so shocked you would've thought i've been making my bed all my life! but really, i didn't like it. so now, it's become a morning ritual.

7. that cleaning is nice when you have lots of cool cleaning stuff and a pending problem.believe me, it's more rewarding than having a haircut or having you nails done.

8. that it's nice to play dress up and wear make up even if you're not going anywhere. i like wearing weird ensambles and be all dolled up even if im just watching . soap operas all day. it just makes me feel good. i know now how 5-year olds feel.

9. that folding your clothes is not a hard task when you're watching Kathy Griffin. i love her to death!

10. that i don't have to lock my bedroom door when i sleep or when i change nor my bathroom door when im taking a shower as long as i lock the main door.

11. that i'm really scared of having roaches in my kitchen so i clean up after i cook.

12. that it's more fun and less expensive to buy house stuff than clothes and shoes. same reason why im more excited to go to an ikea store in chicago than gurnee mills.

13. that when i don't do things that i should've done eons ago, i'm not procrastinating...i usually now say, i have that scheduled next week.

14. that your students can mow your lawn for a much cheaper price or even wash your car for no fee at all...just the privelege of being with their teacher is more than enough.yes, i abuse it so what?
Tuesday, June 20, 2006
you know you're broke when.....
1. you call your dad more often than usual.

2. you'd rather just wear a panty and a bra in your house when it's 85 degrees than turn on the AC

3. you're thinking about dieting

4. you're thinking about quitting smoking

5. you go to your friend's work place for free lunch

6. you stay home all the time

7. you only go out when your friend is driving

8. you're scared to open the mail

9. you start cooking

10. you window shop during the victoria secret semi annual sale

11. you go walking with your friend just to get the hell out of the house

12. you only use your phone after 9 pm

13. you surf over the net , blog or answer emails more often

14. you use text messaging more than making calls

15. you want to look better when going to work so nobody would notice that you're flat ass broke

16. you think about selling some stuff on ebay

17. you focus on work more; there's nothing else you could do

18. you sleep more; again , there's nothing else you could do

19. you only borrow dvds that your friends rented

20. you think about saving money when your next paycheck comes.

don't worry, im making it. it's just hilarious to make a big joke about it. you know never too serious about life. this too shall pass---that's my favorite line.
Monday, June 19, 2006
why women should not settle
there are a lot of things women usually consider before labeling a guy " a prospect". And usually it changes as you age. for instance, when i was in grade school i wanted to marry either a doctor or a lawyer due to the obvious reason--financial stability. I guess there were things before that we couldnt afford and i thought my prince charming will come to rescue me--buy me a doc martens boots( the purple pair). then way back in high school, i remember liking guys from exclusive, expensive catholic schools.purely peer pressure, what can i say...guys from exclusive expensive catholic schools were known to be classy, well-educated, well-mannered, good looking and have a great accent when speaking in english. in college, i remember liking guys with nice cars and still...speaks better english than i do. you are probably thinking now that i have a great obsession for people who speaks very good english and hell, i don't even know why. all i could remember is just making it a big deal, i don't want anybody who could not carry a good and sensible conversation with me or my friends. And my friends (like a lot of Filipinos i know) were very particular about grammar and the like. After college, i was attracted to guys who could make me laugh. I didn't care how they look like...i just liked them humorous (NOT FUNNY, OK?)..i liked guys who can put humor to any given situation. After a few years of working, i realized i like guys who are comfortable with who i am. Someone who is confident and not insecure. And someone who knows what he wants to happen in his life and can include me in it. And of course, someone who speaks good english and can spell. I know the last part sounds weird but living here in the states i found out how a big turn off it is when a guy couldn't spell. yah at first i found it cute but after a while ,i don't know, it just sounds stupid.

so the big question is why do we, women, settle for something less than what we really want? Is it because there are not a lot of male species to choose from? is it because of the pressure that their families and friends put on them when they are still unattached by the time they reach the age their families and friends tied the knot? is it the pressure we put on ourselves because we are scared of some research that says we should be pregnant before we reach thirty to have healthy and intelligent children?or is it because we cannot just sit down and wait for mr. right to come so we settle for "mr. right now"?

honestly, i don't think women settle for anything less than what they want...the usual problem is--we don't know what we want until we learn it from a past relationship.the checklist is being modified in like what i have mentioned, it comes with maturity. my early qualifications were all about my being selfish---i wanted a guy who will be good enough for my friends. And now, i'm not saying i won't ever listen to what my friends have to say about him but i will always have the last word. i would listen but not necessarily follow. but then again, that sounds like another form of being selfish. i guess my definition of being selfish evolves in time as well.

more and more women are getting married in their thirties which is a good sign that i am not alone in this journey of singlehood. it's nice to be single---you have options all the time. and that is something hard to give up unless some person is worthy of it.

there are lots of theories or labels regarding unattached females in their late twenties...people think your a lesbian, a nerd or a geek, too choosy, too selfish to be tied down, ambitious career woman,boring personality, too serious in life, too good for men, has issues in bed, etcetera, etcetera.when will this stop? if a woman is unattached in her late twenties just leave her alone. it's just not happening yet. She is happy at the moment although she knows she could be happier. it will happen if it will happen. if not then at least she once gave it a try. i'm sure she is scared to be by herself when she gets really, really old but who isn't? Who can actually say that they won't be alone when they get old?do i sound bitter yet?

to top it all, i think women who take their time before being in a relationship should be commended because they take relationships seriously. unlike other people who just shops and buys impulsively, we take our time to window shop. And guess what, maybe we'll buy something and bring home what we really, really, really want...or not. maybe we'll go home with nothing and just wait till it's on sale and we can bargain with the price so it will fit the budget.maybe we could even put it on layaway and decide on getting it in the future.

don't worry, im okay.
Sunday, June 18, 2006
this is funny and scary cause i know all of them
one of my students emailed me this...

>1. Possums sleep in the middle of the road with their feet in the air
>2. There are 5,000 types of snakes and 4,998 live in LOUISIANA.
>3. There are 10,000 types of spiders. All 10,000 live in LOUISIANA plus a
>couple no one's
> seen before.
>4. If it grows, it sticks; if it crawls, it bites.
>5. Onced and twiced are words.
>6. It is not a shopping cart; it is a buggy or Amber's tipsy taxi!
>7. Fire ants consider your flesh as a picnic.
>8. People actually grow and eat okra.
>9. Fixinto is one word.
>10. There is no such thing as "lunch". There is only dinner and then there
>is supper.
>11. Ice tea is appropriate for all meals and you start drinking it when
>you're two. We do like a little tea with our sugar!
>12. Backards and forwards means "I know everything about you."
>13. Jeet? is actually a phrase meaning "Did you eat?"
>14. You don't have to wear a watch because it doesn't matter what time it
>is. You work until you' re
> done or it's too dark to see.
>15. You don't PUSH buttons, you MASH them.
>1. You measure distance in minutes.
>2. You've ever had to switch from "heat" to "A/C" in the same day.
>3. You use "fix" as a verb. Example: "I'm fixing to go to the store "
>4. All the festivals across the state are named after a fruit, vegetable,
>grain, insect or animal.
>5. You install security lights on your house and garage and leave both
>6. You know what a "DAWG" is.
>7. You carry jumper cables in your car...for your OWN car.
>8. You only own five spices: salt, pepper, tony chachere's, tabasco and
>9. The local papers cover national and international news on one page but
>require 6 pages for
> local gossip and sports.
>10. You think that the first day of deer season is a national holiday.
>11. You find 100 degrees Fahrenheit "a little warm".
>12. You know all four seasons: Almost Summer, Summer, still Summer and
>13. You know whether another LOUISIANAN is from NEW ORLEANS, north or south
>as soon as
> they open their mouth.
>14. Going to Wal-mart is a favorite past time known as"goin' Wal-martin"or
>off to "Wally World"....
> or Mall Mart
>15. You describe the first cool snap (below 70 degrees) as good Gumbo
>16. A carbonated soft drink isn't a soda, cola or's a Coke,
> regardless of brand or flavor. Example: "What kinda coke you want?"
>17. Fried catfish is the other white meat.
>18. We don't need no stinking driver's ed....if our mama says we can
> drive, we can drive.

> Not EVERYONE can be a LOUISIANAN, it's an art
>form and a gift from God!
Thursday, June 15, 2006
the half year that was
ha! welcome back, marj! i couldn't believe that the last thing i wrote here is kind of a

year-ender. no birthday post, new boylet post, transferring to another house post, living

alone finally post, etc. so ill try to remember it one by one.

1. birthday----i celebrated my birthday last week of january. i turned 28. yup, 28 and

still single! every now and then my dad will tell me to start looking for a man to take

care of me. i know that's his subtle way of telling me to stop being a pain in his ass.

but i love my dad, don't get me wrong. i wouldn't have survived living here if not for

his continuous "financial and emotional" support. going back to my birthday

celebration...erwin cooked a lot of food that day---we had sisig, palabok,etc. i celebrated

it at tess' and erwin's house as i don't want my guests to feel uncomfortable since rissa's

there. that's another story, by the way. my best gift came from my friends---sensi

perfume by g. armani but of course they pranked me by giving me a bogus gift of school

supplies before the actual gift. i also received cards and text messages from family and

friends from back home. thanks!

2. february----i was busy in school of course or maybe i just dont want to remember this

month because it's supposed to be the love month and i was just lacking it that month. that


3. march ---- is one of the most important month in school because that's when they take

their standardized test.busy, busy,busy. my friend jeff celebrated his birthday and the

girls gave him ipod accessories without the ipod.

4. april----easter! i remember not being so holy during holy week. it's the start of

something big.bad gurlz rule! my sister's birthday and i didn't call her coz i was in

texas for a physics trip....first six flags trip!!!!!

5. may-----i moved out of the old house because our landlady told us that she needs it for

her grandson..., rissa told me after a week that she might stay with danny so i now live by

myself...and that was one of the best decisions i made this year.i love being by myself in

my 3-bedroom's expensive but it's sooooo worth it. some friends helped me move

but for my most of my stuff, i had to hire 3 minutes away from my school. i can

sleep late and wake up late! awesome

6. june-----summer school started really early this year. i had but a weekend break from

regular to summer school. plus they have decided to lessen the pay from 25- 20 per hour.

im making it, though....i think.

so that's it....i miss putting pictures in my blog...ill try that next time. i miss having

a camera, i hope my sis is using it.

what's about to happen the next months?

1. im planning to go to my dad's for three weeks this summer.

2. ill be finished with the brendan project.... someone actually trusted me to pain in

their son's room images of batman, spiderman and batman.

3. more a late bloomer when it comes to cooking. at least i bloomed! my mom

will be proud.

4. more kilig moments.

5. a change of heart?

6. less issues between my friends.

7. i have 6 months to find me a groom so grace can pay for my wedding's just a

8. im getting rid of my tech stuff.

9. the new addition to the manuel family---monmon and vava