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just thinking loud again
Saturday, March 19, 2005
I am in love with the thought of loving someone. Who wouldn't be? I like taking care of someone and in return being pampered. I like to feel feminine. I want to feel that there's another person stronger than me or at least one person who can make me look weaker. I like to hold hands with someone and feel protected. I like kissing as it is when you actually feel IT.Rhythm is what i call it when both of you just understand each other's movement by merely touching each other's lips. It's just magical. I like being involved in someone's planned day either through movies or dinner or simply hanging out with each other. I love to talk with someone about things that i have probably told my friends a million times yet i feel that one more response is uniquely important. I like to listen to someone's hard day's work and feel that at the end of the day I am his must-have reward.
I love the feeling but the feeling won't be the same if it's not the right person. The right person gives you the right feeling. Mr. right NOW can only be good for NOW. You can't fool yourself for a long time. You can't feel happy as long as you know that you were once happier.
o sya tulog na ko...
Tuesday, March 15, 2005
winner ito!
singit ko lang na nanalo ang bastrop high sa physics sa literary rally...1st place lang naman kme sa district which includes BHS' rival Neville and my rival, ronald's school DELTA. So susugod na kme sa Baton Rouge sa april.actually wala na kong pakialam kung matalo kme dun basta gusto ko lang number one kme sa district. Si Leslie Hamlin yung student ko na nagrepresent sa physics and syempre ako lang naman ang nagtuturo ng physics sa BAstrop kaya kinongratulate ako ng principal na si thrower. Ilalabas daw yun sa local paper kaya isscan ko para proud ako lagi...made my week! Uy, joke lang yung competition ke ronald ha...di ko sya kalevel in the first place...MAS MAGALING AKO!GARRRRR. atin atin lang yan ha.
Sunday, March 13, 2005
ang tipo kong lalake
i have a checklist of what i want my man to be. it's just that more often than not, i tend to ignore the list and tell myself that well, he can change. But who am i to think that i can do wonders? here's my man's description, just so i won't forget anymore:

1. Smarter than me. I am not, in any sense of it, a geek but i want someone who can talk to me with sense. I want my man to know what i don't know. It just makes him seem more powerful and me, weaker.

2. Responsible. I want an independent person who is responsible enough to take care of himself and me. A good, stable job is a must and knows how to take care of his job.

3. Sense of humor. I want someone who can make me laugh. I know i have a good sense of humor so it is really hard for me to laugh at others' jokes sometimes so if he can do it, he's mah man!

4. Financially stable. A guy who is wise about money is a perfect partner for me. I spend a lot and I want someone who can control me. I need someone who can make me want him more than anything in the mall.

5. I want someone who can make decisions for me. When we go out on a date, i don't want him to ask me what movie i want to watch or where we're going to eat. If it's a bad decision then so be it. I can have fun just being with him anyway.

6. I want someone who can be a man when i want him to and a li'l boy when the situaion calls for it. SOmeone who can pamper me and wouldn't mind being pampered.

7. I want to have a clear constant communication with my partner. I want to be able to tell him what i want or what i don't want without fear of losing him.

8. God-fearing. This should've been number one. I just forgot it. I want someone who has a stronger faith than i do and who can make me closer to God.

9. Someone who values his family. They say that a man who loves his mom dearly could be a good husband.

10. I want someone who can let me be my own person. Someone who doesn't mind being overshadowed sometimes and will be very supportive of my endeavors.
Wednesday, March 09, 2005's been a while since i last blogged so...wala lang...papaantok na naman ako. here's what's on my mind lately: Posted by Hello

1. Darating daw si Paeng sa May. Actually excited ako at the same time scared kse baka yaw nya na ko (charot)... Posted by Hello

2. Ang ganda ng 2005 Mustang na ice blue sa Northpoint. V6 nga lang at nde V8! pero tama ang tita ko, ang mahal ng gasolina para magv8 noh. Shet! dream car talaga...gash Posted by Hello

3. Malapit nang matapos ang paghihirap ko!!! ilang buwan na lang wala nang pasok..ilang linggo na lang wala nang physics!!!!dalawa na planning periods ko!!!!waaaaahhhhh!!!!!! Posted by Hello

4. UUwi ako sa JUly..kinakabahan ako baka mataas ang expectations...wala akong pera leche! yung pagpunta ko nga lang dun, abuloy lang sa kin e...garrrr...wish i am Posted by Hello

5. Ang cute ng lovestory ni MArie at ni bleep. wala pang ending. Posted by Hello

6. matatapos na bayad ko sa healthpross before the start of next school year!!!!akalain mong ngayon ko lang naisip yun....suffer muna ang padalang pera, k? Posted by Hello

7. nakakabiset pa rin ang ending ng the forgotten...ok, dalawa yung ending na nakita ko: the first one was mala MIB, second one was mala Smallville...Sayang, ganda pa naman ng build up...garr... Posted by Hello

8. wawa yung aso ko, naiwan sa ulan nung monday....buong araw...basang sisiw sya pag dating ko....huuhuhuh!im not cruel to my dog ok? malay ko bang uulan e ang araw araw nung umalis ako ng bahay...lecheng weather to.. Posted by Hello

9. Magkikita na naman kme ni NAld sa Friday sa birthday ni Kevin....Sana makakanta kme ng fsvorite song naming TONIGHT I CELEBRATE MY LOVE....harhar Posted by Hello

10. Masarap ang feeling pagkatapos magsimba..sana magawa ko linggo linggo...
 Posted by Hello