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just thinking loud again
Tuesday, June 20, 2006
you know you're broke when.....
1. you call your dad more often than usual.

2. you'd rather just wear a panty and a bra in your house when it's 85 degrees than turn on the AC

3. you're thinking about dieting

4. you're thinking about quitting smoking

5. you go to your friend's work place for free lunch

6. you stay home all the time

7. you only go out when your friend is driving

8. you're scared to open the mail

9. you start cooking

10. you window shop during the victoria secret semi annual sale

11. you go walking with your friend just to get the hell out of the house

12. you only use your phone after 9 pm

13. you surf over the net , blog or answer emails more often

14. you use text messaging more than making calls

15. you want to look better when going to work so nobody would notice that you're flat ass broke

16. you think about selling some stuff on ebay

17. you focus on work more; there's nothing else you could do

18. you sleep more; again , there's nothing else you could do

19. you only borrow dvds that your friends rented

20. you think about saving money when your next paycheck comes.

don't worry, im making it. it's just hilarious to make a big joke about it. you know never too serious about life. this too shall pass---that's my favorite line.