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just thinking loud again
Friday, May 30, 2008
Why buying a house is better than getting married
1. No extravagant celebrations needed when you decide to buy a house.
2. As a buyer, you have the right to inspect the house however you want to be very, very sure of your decision. You hope and pray that he is the right one during your wedding day.
3. It is less embarrassing when you back out. You don’t have to return gifts.
4. Divorce takes half of your assets. Reselling a house can make you richer.
5. You can always fix an ugly house if you are rich. A bad marriage is a bad marriage.
6. You can have more parties when you have a house. Less parties to none when you are married.
7. You can choose the size of the house that you want. Love is blind.
8. A house may be used as collateral to get a loan. Your spouse, I don’t think so.
9. You can go to a realtor and she’ll give you what you want. Before marriage, you ask God for signs.
10. Freedom versus responsibilities.
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