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just thinking loud again
Tuesday, May 08, 2007
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Sunday, May 06, 2007
i am blessed

these are my students during the physics trip in six flags this year

this week has been great. first of all,let me tell you the i had the shock of my life when my dog vava had puppies. I didn't even know she was pregnant. i didn't even know she had her period already. this is how it happened and even until now i feel like crying hwenever i think about it. Thursday is tutoring day which means i have to saty in school an extra hour. As soon as it was over and was about to leave, the rain started pouring so hard so i stayed inside the school with Kat. When it was better, i decided to go to my car and drive home. The first thing i did was to open my door so vava could get in. She did and she stayed in the laundry room because i had a meeting with the missionaries at 5:10 that afternoon somewhere else. After that i decided to go to monroe and get my fon but it was still raining so hard i could barely see the road so i just turned around after 15 minutes of driving. when i got home, vava was wanting to go out of the laundry room so i let her out. i let the glass door open. when vava came in, she had a puppy with her and she put them in her bed in the laundry room. i was in shock because i thought it wasn't even a puppy but something else. Then i could hear more crying so i just left the door open and man, one by one she got them and put them in the laundry room. i feel helpless because the whole time i was just in shock and in a state of denial. i even thought to myself that maybe, vava was helping another dog and she will also get the mother. i was so proud because vava got all of them, 8 all in all.7 survived.i had to call my friends jackie and silver to help me because needless to say, i really didnt know what to do. Hopefully i dont get too attached to them because i don't know how i could afford to have that many dogs. Again,im a proud granny of 7. Thanks Jackie and Silver.
the second one is about work. I applied as a mu sigma sponsor and i know nobody else did so i think i know i'm going to have it. This would mean that i will not have a physics trip anymore because it will demand a lot of my time. The good news is, instead of having a field trip in texas,i will be with the seniors every year and have a cross country trip that includes New York. This means i could see my friend trish every year. I am excited because i think i will talk to my principal about this later. The only thing that discourages me aside from too much work is that i have to give up my spring break every year because that's when they have the trip. I am nervous that my principal would think that I am too young for the position, though. But i can always argue with him on that issue and i know nobody else wants to take it so i will win by default. hehe!
Next news: monday i didn't go to school because i thought i needed a break after the physics trip and the literary rally before that. I went to the school board to talk to some people about the papers i will need for my upcoming Philippine vacation. Since i was there early i decided to go to mrs. Peterson's office because i never got the chance to visit the people in there this year because Mrs. Peterson retired last year. They were the people who helped us with everything when we first got here so i thought i should visit them and show that i still have time for them. I talked to Mrs. Debbie about wanting to go back to school and that i have always told my principal about that but they never have a budget for me since i am certified already. they only have funds for those who are trying to be certified. she said she don't make those decisions but the closest thing that she could offer me is the take one class. This is the class that you take to help you in the National Board Exam for teachers. This means that if i have this then i could be nationally certified. and i would love to put that in my resume. I will have to put down 500 bucks for it and take the class being taught by my fave teacher here in bastrop, Mrs. Quinn. Of course it is a lot of work but the reward is ahhhmazing. Then maybe i can apply everywhere i want and be sure to get it and skip the whole annoying certification process. i love my job!
so that has been the great week so far. i still have 3 more days before it's over so i would probably have more blessings coming this week. oh well. hey it's friday today, i finished another week and we have 3 more weeks before school's over. yipeeee....not. i have to start with summer school the day after our last day here in bastrop High. But then i get to go back to the philippines after summer school. hehhhhhhhhheeeeeeeee!