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just thinking loud again
Monday, February 18, 2008
And I'm back! I don't even know where to start but i know there's been a lot of changes these past few months. I really tried to start this year right. I took all the bad things that happened last year and left them in my old house. I am so over it! I don't know, I guess people just don't get me. I know I am not perfect but it feels weird to realize that I had more friends then when I was uber bad. trying to be good now or at least im too busy to even try to cause trouble.

Biggest achievement: Getting over an exboyfriend and an exgayfriend

Biggest regret: Not being in the Philippines during christmas when my dad was there

Lowest moment: June 8, 2007

Best lesson learned: When in doubt, don't.

Favorite lines this year: gay said, Is there a problem, _________?

Best gift received last: vacuum cleaner

Worst gift received last year: wala syang niregalo this year eh....

Best gift I gave last year: A Honda Accord for my mom

Worst gift I gave last year: Underwear pasalubong for my friends and family when I went to the pinas. My mom liked them,though.

Worst trip last year: Florida. It's where all the craziness started.

Best trip: Connecticut. Tita monsie and tito boy were soooooooooo nice to me. That's why I'll be there again this july.

Most interesting person I met last year: Cousin Warren-first we jived and even smoked together then before I left, he stopped talking to me.

Best drink: Bacardi strawberry and Arizona green tea with honey and ginseng ( not in one glass).

Most embarrassing moment: hmm...putting ghetto xmas lights. my friends will never forgive me for doing that and I havent taken them off the tree yet!

Biggest crush last year: yuck, this is sooo gradeschool!

The trait that you improved the most: telling the truth

The trait that worsened: being patient

Wish you had last year: A gun

Wish you didn't have last year: Conscience

Happiest moment last year: seeing my mom, my sister and friends in the philippines. Moe's shower party.

Most expensive thing bought last year: car for mommy

Cheapest thing bought last year: less than 3 dollar shirt from belk. And I love it!

Wish that came true last year: having my peace and finally fighting back

Wish you said last year: I hope that _________makes you happy like I do.

Wish you didnt say last year: sorry to those who didnt deserve it.