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just thinking loud again
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
the year that was
last year, i tried to quit smoking and start drinking water. i lasted about 2 months without smoking but i'm still drinking water everyday. This year, i don't think i can quit smoking. I mean i'm not even going to try. Smoking does a lot of things for me specially when i'm depressed (which is practicially every now and then) so i decided to just NOT QUIT this year. Aside from smoking and drinking water, i also started going to the gym ( which is or was a good thing). I really need to be more motivated to go the gym this year. Somehow, buying gym outfits or tennis shoes doesn't motivate me that much no more.Yup, not even after i bought myself a nano. But i really, really need to go to the gym again. And i will. I also need to read more books. I started really good last year and then i got busy and went back to physics text books. I have three books waiting to be read and i just purchased them 3 days ago: John Grisham's The Broker, Micheal Crichton's State Fear and Dan Brown's Digital Fortress.i'm presently reading Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. This is my third attempt to read it. First time was on a train trip to Chicago two years ago. it didn't work out since i was more concerned about smoking during stopovers than reading.I need to stop shopping for clothes. It's not that i'm drowning in debts already ( i actually paid all my bills well last year), i just don't know how it would fit in my closet! At present, I have 14 denim jeans already and i know that may not be too many for some people but the thing is, i can only wear them when i'm not in school teaching! I had this "search for the perfect jeans" after i got back from the philippines and gave my favorite jeans to my favorite sister. I never stopped since- form DKNY to Old Navy, Bastrop to Florida. i think I should invest more on shoes since that's more logical. So this year the goal is to have more shoes. My make-up collection is also catching up so i'd like to do the same this year ( although i only wear make-up once in a blue moon, i want to be prepared whenever i feel like being girlash). I think i did good about reducing my phone bill last year ( losing a boyfriend overseas helped a lot). At least i stopped buying purses when i got back from Pinas. I realized that hand purses are cheaper and better in there. Until now, i still have some that i haven't used yet. I also need to buy more belts. This year i only bought three. I want to buy a new laptop or desktop pc-tv from sonystyle. I got my laptop about 6 months ago from dell and i really, really want to go back to sony. Nope, there's nothin wrong with my Inspiron 6000, I just want style and Xbrite. I also need to travel more this year although nothing can possibly beat my trips last year. I went back home, florida, and of course chicago. I hope there'll be surprises again this year. Maybe New York or Las Vegas? Or maybe a 4-night cruise to the Bahamas. Sweeeeeeet. I also wish i could travel alone. I havent really done that yet except whenever i go my dad's. I just want to be able to explore and learn a lot of things about myself and be free with inhibitions and do crazy stuff (not too crazy, really). My cooking improved a lot this year. I cooked beef steak, tinola, adobo, sinigang,afritada,fried rice aside from the classic sausage and eggs last year. i won't say they were the best but i didn't die eating them so they're okay.
So that's it. it's year of the dog in the Chinese calendar and i heard someone said that it's the best year for those born in the year of the horse to get married and ahem, i am born in the year of the horse. So i guess i should start my wedding plans this month so that when i finally meet my groom, all he needs to do is walk down the aisle.No time wasted.grrrrrrrrr.