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just thinking loud again
Sunday, August 26, 2007
some pics

my marjtrix pa rin. nope im not changing my car yet....i love it. maybe in 2009...

the backyard. there used to be 8 dogs in here.....

side view of my favorite part of the mom will be proud of my curtains (i mean, her curtains)! my printer is somewhere in that pic, a priceless possession. then that white bin is where i put the papers i have to check everyday. i'll try to take a pic of this part later today, the last one was blurry.

another blurry pic. this is my dining area. dining chairs -10 dollars, dining table- free, table cloth -3 dollars, placemats --2 dollars each.... eating here....pricelss.

sink and microwave area. i have a dishwasher, that too is priceless.

where cooking happens. although the appliances are old, i like the way they did the kitchen.

my fridge magnets and pictures....hala wala akong pic ni mommy dito, lagot!

my bedroom. no tv, just an ipod speaker on the right side of the bed. my reading lamp and a cosmo magazine on the side before i go to bed. di pala kita yung ipod player! pahiya ako.

closet in my room. i dont put a lot of clothes in here. my pants are folded on the top. my belts are there and some shoes.

dressing room. this is where my big bagahes are, make up stuff and clothes. ang gulo noh! yup, thats how i like it....joke, di lang ako naglinis ok? usually maayos yan pero this is how it looks after one week of working....chaotic!

clothes, shoes, etc. this is where the chaos begins every morning.

guest room. yuck, wala namang guests..heheheh! sayang di naabutan nina moe tong bed na to....hiram lang to ok?

me of course. i think this was taken last weekend. may pimple ako na red sa ilong! hahaha!
Thursday, August 09, 2007
home trip 2007

I've been back here in the States for almost a week now and I really haven't blogged about my recent trip to the Philippines. I will summarize my whole trip using 4 B's---Bakasyon, Business, Break-up Blues and Buy a Car.
I was so amazed with all the new malls in the Philippines namely Trinoma, The Block, MOA. They are very different from the SM malls I got used to when I was a kid. There is a good sense of architecture in most of them and they're not just like a big box with stalls. They also have better brands and bigger sizes in terms of clothes. Yup, I bought a lot of them. For the most part, I enjoyed it. One can never go wrong with shopping.
I met tita mel through my best pal MJ. She makes all the native accessories in most of the malls in the Philippines. Before July, my sis and I were thinking of the same business for me here in the states. So when i met her one could just imagine how happy I was. Yup, I am starting a business of accessories here. It will be big, I can feel it.

Break-up Blues:
Hay, the never-ending story about the pink table of my life! I think i got it now, hopefully its final this time. Hello new guy! The thing is, I think the only reason that stops me from being with a guy is the fear of marrying him. Yup, fear. But i can go on have dates, right? My goal this year is to have dates, meet interesting people. This is the sweetest revenge ever. to the left, to the left....

Buy a car:
Mommy's got a new car, what can I say? It's really not a New car, its just a more modern (relative to our other vehicles), secondhand car---a pure white Honda Civic 2001 A/T. I am proud and happy. Giving back to my parents a little surprise every now and then makes me feel good, makes me feel that my work here is relevant.

I have been here since friday and for the first time, I am really having a bad jet lag. It's 5:57 am now and im still blogging. I went to bed at 1 am and then i had a bad dream so i decided to get up and call my dad. I dreamed that I crashed my car on my way home from silver's house, lost consciousness and when i woke up, i saw my ruined car. I felt so bad because I loved my car. Anyway, it was just a bad dream. Maybe my car is telling me something: I need to clean it.heheh! Actually, Jackie bought a new Silverado and Silver is planning to get one too. And since i saw that Blue Toyota FJ last week, I have been dreaming of trading off my car. But now, NO! I still love my yellow car. It never game me problems plus im almost done paying it off. 2009, I will be totally debt-free! And then i will buy a nice condo unit in makati for investment.that's the plan.

My former principal is now the Superintendent in our district and I am so disappointed with what's happening in our school lately. That sure is a bad start. To be fair, the bad part only started today when meetings did not go the way they're supposed to. All of a sudden they had to make an executive decision of cancelling everything. At least we had time to go to our rooms and clean up which i did. I was also able to see my doctor for a medical exam and eat with my friends. The best part of my day is when while i was cleaning I was called to the office by my administrator. I went to the main office all sweaty and found a parent waiting for me. When she told me she's a parent, I almost choked. i was thinking that I have another complaint for failing another student because she wasnt at all smiling when she saw me. She said," are you Ms. Manuel?" and I said yes ( althought i thought about lying). She then said," I am the mother of Jaimie, you taught her over the summer and I would just like to let you know that I appreciate you because she passed the test last June. She talks about you all the time and tells me how you make Math easy for her". She was teary-eyed when she told me this and I was too.I was shocked that she went to my high school and told me this. That was a first and I get goosebumps just thinking about it. To those of you who dont know, i teach in the junior high every summer. they are the ones who failed their standardized test and have less than a month to review and pass it. i teach in the high school so the kids whom i teach in the summer have no idea who i am. honestly, I am aware that nobody wants to work there in the summer because it is a lot harder than your work the whole year at least in terms of behavioral problems. I even requested to teach fourth graders last summer but was not given the chance to because nobody will teach in the junior high. I was upset when i started and got even more upset when i saw the class sizes were bigger than what i had all year in the high school! i emailed the superintendent about giving me a paraprofessional and the following day, he did. I worked hard last summer, no yosi breaks, because i was working with ronald and i didnt want to bond with him. yeah, I liked that I did work hard and now I feel better that someone appreciates it. If they only knew what I went through personally during the most part of summer school, they wouldn't believe it. Now, if I could just remember jaime's face.....well, she'll be in the high school this year so i might see her. mY alarm just went on. That means I have two more snoozes left. hehee! I hope I could last today and not feel sleepy or tired. so officially, I love my job. I knew I was here for a greater reason.