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just thinking loud again
Sunday, January 04, 2009
2008 Evaluation of my effing life
Biggest achievement: buying my first house

Biggest regret: not being the best teacher that I could be because my attention was divided.
Lowest moment: Dec. 31, 2008

Best lesson learned: If it doesn't involve me, it's not my problem.

Favorite lines this year: Got it!

Best gift received last year: jessica simpson clutch. it's fierce and i dont even like jessica simpson

Worst gift received last year: yoko baka mabasa

Best gift I gave last year: all of them.

Worst gift I gave last year: Boxers. Hehe! wala akong maisip eh.

Worst trip last year: Mu sigma trip. I had fun with my students, though.

Best trip: Miami, Florida

Most interesting person I met last year: Ate Wani

Best drink: water.

Most embarrassing moment: When I had a stain during one of my gym workout sessions. I saw it, they didn't.

Biggest crush last year: ay naku. who is also my greatest love last year that ended after a week.

The trait that you improved the most: accepting the truth

The trait that worsened: wanting what is not for me to have

Wish you had last year: an FJ Cruiser

Wish you didn't have last year: Bills to pay, Debts to endure

Happiest moment last year: christmas night.

Most expensive thing bought last year: my first house
Cheapest thing bought last year: VS sensual stuff. they were 75 percent off

Wish that came true last year: finding and knowing what I want

Wish you said last year: We can work it out.

Wish you didnt say last year: You don't know me or my friends.