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just thinking loud again
Sunday, May 03, 2009
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Saturday, January 24, 2009
it's mah birthday!
Sunday, January 18, 2009
my life update

Christmas was extra special this year because I was with my special someone. Who would have thought that us crossing each other's paths was even possible? I was happy and special and I have never felt those feelings in a long time. Does it have a happy ending? Of course not! It ended before I even got back in school. This is just too difficult to handle, a lot of issues plus at that time, I really didn't know what I want and both of us are too paranoid to even pursue it. Now, we're friends and see each other every day. It was a good experience though, to find out that I am still capable of loving. It made me feel mortal. hahaha! This might be the most shockingly absurd experience I have ever had.
Now I'm still going on with my life. My national board stuff has been bugging me for months now and I really think it's time to just sit and write something for it. That will hopefully happen tomorrow. Then, I'm taking the last few classes I have for my master's degree and hopefully, I could graduate this september. I am sooooo tired of doing this and hopefully next time I'll remember that online classes are no joke. Writing papers every week and answering discussion questions have been consuming my weekend for the last year. I really want my weekends back. Lastly, I have online teaching that will hopefully start this spring. That, I cannot even talk about right now. So in the event that I breakdown or something, you know what caused it.
I have postponed my trip to the Philippines to 2010 because I really want to finish school this summer. I am hoping that either mom or Marie can visit me during christmas of this year. Yup, I'm still hoping that it will work out this year.
For the most part, working too much is stressful yet rewarding. I love to work because it gives me security. I also feel like in everything I do, I learn a lot of things about me, my job or the world in general.
It's a week before my 31st birthday and I don't even know if I'm going to be happy that day. I wish I could spend it with people that I love. I don't want it to be an ordinary day like I did New year's day. There are a lot of things I am thankful for and I'm just grateful that I am living my life to the fullest.
Sunday, January 04, 2009
2008 Evaluation of my effing life
Biggest achievement: buying my first house

Biggest regret: not being the best teacher that I could be because my attention was divided.
Lowest moment: Dec. 31, 2008

Best lesson learned: If it doesn't involve me, it's not my problem.

Favorite lines this year: Got it!

Best gift received last year: jessica simpson clutch. it's fierce and i dont even like jessica simpson

Worst gift received last year: yoko baka mabasa

Best gift I gave last year: all of them.

Worst gift I gave last year: Boxers. Hehe! wala akong maisip eh.

Worst trip last year: Mu sigma trip. I had fun with my students, though.

Best trip: Miami, Florida

Most interesting person I met last year: Ate Wani

Best drink: water.

Most embarrassing moment: When I had a stain during one of my gym workout sessions. I saw it, they didn't.

Biggest crush last year: ay naku. who is also my greatest love last year that ended after a week.

The trait that you improved the most: accepting the truth

The trait that worsened: wanting what is not for me to have

Wish you had last year: an FJ Cruiser

Wish you didn't have last year: Bills to pay, Debts to endure

Happiest moment last year: christmas night.

Most expensive thing bought last year: my first house
Cheapest thing bought last year: VS sensual stuff. they were 75 percent off

Wish that came true last year: finding and knowing what I want

Wish you said last year: We can work it out.

Wish you didnt say last year: You don't know me or my friends.
daddy's thanksgiving makeover

my first house

So after 5 years of renting, I finally decided to buy a house. And what better time to buy one than during recession! The interest is lower and I just thought I'm ready to do this. The first time I asked about this house, my realtor told me I couldn't afford it. So after I fired her, the asking price for this became affordable.
Living here by myself during the first few days wasn't at all easy but I was blessed enough to have home warranty. So, ito na ang pinakahihintay na pictures.
Friday, July 25, 2008
summer vacation

obviously i didn't waste any time. Just two days after my summer gig, my friends and I decided to drive to florida and officially start my summer vacation. And was it a lot of driving! We left bastrop around 6:30 p.m. and was around tampa at 10 am. GPS was a big help except when it broke on the way to miami. These are the pictures of my best vacation so far.