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just thinking loud again
Sunday, August 26, 2007
some pics

my marjtrix pa rin. nope im not changing my car yet....i love it. maybe in 2009...

the backyard. there used to be 8 dogs in here.....

side view of my favorite part of the mom will be proud of my curtains (i mean, her curtains)! my printer is somewhere in that pic, a priceless possession. then that white bin is where i put the papers i have to check everyday. i'll try to take a pic of this part later today, the last one was blurry.

another blurry pic. this is my dining area. dining chairs -10 dollars, dining table- free, table cloth -3 dollars, placemats --2 dollars each.... eating here....pricelss.

sink and microwave area. i have a dishwasher, that too is priceless.

where cooking happens. although the appliances are old, i like the way they did the kitchen.

my fridge magnets and pictures....hala wala akong pic ni mommy dito, lagot!

my bedroom. no tv, just an ipod speaker on the right side of the bed. my reading lamp and a cosmo magazine on the side before i go to bed. di pala kita yung ipod player! pahiya ako.

closet in my room. i dont put a lot of clothes in here. my pants are folded on the top. my belts are there and some shoes.

dressing room. this is where my big bagahes are, make up stuff and clothes. ang gulo noh! yup, thats how i like it....joke, di lang ako naglinis ok? usually maayos yan pero this is how it looks after one week of working....chaotic!

clothes, shoes, etc. this is where the chaos begins every morning.

guest room. yuck, wala namang guests..heheheh! sayang di naabutan nina moe tong bed na to....hiram lang to ok?

me of course. i think this was taken last weekend. may pimple ako na red sa ilong! hahaha!
Blogger Spotsky D' Rotsky said...
i love and miss you buddhee!!!!!! nice house mo. kulang na lang kami. hehe.

Anonymous jesz said...
may bata =/


Anonymous Anonymous said...
sa likod mo! hi jesz!

Blogger DOPS said...
hi, kmsta na... enjoy ako sa tuor mo sa bahay mo jan... di ka namn nagpakita nung wedding ko, kaw tlga..sabi mo attend ka...


Anonymous Anonymous said...
dops! i was there sa pinas! di mo naman ako tinawagan.