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just thinking loud again
Sunday, April 15, 2007
things i am addicted to and why i can't give them up

1. smoking - living alone is boring. i usually stay up late to check papers. you think deeper while you are smoking and talking to friends. it's an excuse to eat more because you don't feel full.

2. eating out and smoking with friends - i have two dining sets and i don't use them because i am by myself. so i grab every chance i get to eat out with my friends. i don't have to wash the dishes after eating. i don't have to cook.
3. vanilla candles - they smell good.
4. listening to regine songs - this is nothing new actually but now i have it in my ipod!
5. mille bournes - it is a card game about driving. i don't know why i like it so much, i'm not even good at it. silver beats me all the time but i'm okay as long as i can stop jackie.

6. talking on the phone - maybe the lack of real people in my house? you think?

7. putting hairpins on my bangs - it's just comfortable. i don't have to deal with bangs blocking my eyesight. and i like the mess it makes on top of my head.
8. loop earrings and stud - i just think i look good in them. i maybe wrong but who cares?
9. sleeping in the afternoon - it used to be because school work made me so tired. now, it is because schoolwork bores me.
10. w40 and lysol(for bathtubs)- i like the smell of this in my kitchen and bathroom, respectively.
11. flossing - my dentist scared me!

12. crest mouthwash - i've always wanted a mouthwash that doesnt burn my mouth when i use it.
13. nestea green tea - i hardly drink coke anymore. i don't feel bloated when i drink it. it just sounds healthier when you say you drink green tea compared to drinking soda.
14. american idol - the modern english version of bagong kampyon. i love to sing and criticize people who can't.

15. downloading music to my ipod - because i can.