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just thinking loud again
Thursday, April 12, 2007
a poem of angst

Not because I smile at you
Means that i like you
Not because I let you win a fight
Means that you are always right

Not because you know something
Means you're smart in everything
Not because you make me laugh today
Means i need you everyday

Not because you wear expensive clothing
Means you're a high fashion being
Not because you have more money to spare
Means your credit is good or even fair

Not because I don't tell you the real deal
Means i care about what you think or feel
Coz not because i'm here for you today
doesnt mean this is where i want to stay

So listen when i bid you ,"so long"!
Coz baby you got it all so wrong
I was just doing what my folks said was right
And that is to be gentle and polite.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
ang sweet pa need to be harsh, girl!!!