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just thinking loud again
Sunday, October 08, 2006
employees of the year
i am assuming that i'm not the only one who deals with annoying coworkers on a daily basis. we don't live in a perfect world so therefore we can't choose the people we work with. But we have to deal with them because we all work together. here are some of the different personalities my friends and i have encountered so far.

1. The good girl
- these are girls who do not ever break any rule. yup, i know it's a good thing but it gets really annoying sometimes specially when they don't use their common sense anymore. If it is not in the rules, you just don't assume that it is. Moreso, you don't ask if it is a part of the rules because you're just giving your superiors ideas.

2. Approval seeker
- these are those who don't function at all without asking their coworkers if what they are doing is right or wrong. they will ask every question possible just to make sure that they won't commit mistakes. But you know what's funny, they make stupid mistakes despite the endless asking.

3. Top earner but worst employee
- it kills me that some people earn four or more times than i do and do nothing at work. Yup, people who cannot be fired because of seniority or because of some graduate degree they got from god-knows-where. Then they have the guts to ask you to teach them how to do something?

4. The whiner
- people at work who complain (LIKE THEY ARE GONNA DIE) everyday about the simplest things. Usually, the same simple things. Hey if you're complaining about the same things all the time, why don't you try to do something different with your life? get another job!

5. The gossip girl
- this is the person who happens to know what's going on all the time. She loves to talk (usually bad) about people as a past time. And you know she talks about you behind your back.

6. the nonstop talker
- these are the people you are scared to be alone with in a long elevator ride. They talk and talk and they do it faster than the speed of light. and they tak about things that you couldn't possibly care about because it's their neighbor's cousin's brother's mother's sister's son. or they could be talking passionately about Henry who you would later find out to be a pet.

7. the fashionista
- these are the people who wear nice and preppy clothes all the time. They raise their eyebrows whenever they see someone wearing better clothes than they are or they tell you, "i didn't know we can wear that here". These are the people who will never praise you for wearing nice clothes nor ask you where you got your clothes from.

8. the best employee
- these are the people who are really passionate about their work. they sacrifice living their lives just to be the best employee possible. If they have to work during weekends they would...all day. you don't know if they have a husband, a son, or a mother because all they talk about is work.

9. the bad influence
- these are the people who try to do less work if they can get away with it. For them, paperworks are a bunch of crap. They won't do anything without asking why they have to. And if they don't get the answer they want to hear, they just don't do it. Ironically, they are usually the quality workers so they cannot be fired easily.

10. the silent killer
- these are the people who pretend to be your friend and who listens to your problems. These are the same people who tell your boss the kind of weak person you are. they try to be close to the bosses by telling them stuff about their employees. these are the people who will make you lose your job.

11. The center of attention
- these are the people who loves to get attention from everybody in any given circumstance. these are the people who loves wild accessories, bold colors in clothes, talks like they have a built-in microphone and does a lot of hand gestures or any odd movement whenever they talk.

12. the ass kisser
- obviously people who does (wholeheartedly) everything that their boss asks them to do even if everybody else can't do it. They are the ones who greet your boss every morning with a smile or even tries to make a conversation with them in any given time. They are the people who like to ask favors from the boss so they try to maintain a good relationship with them. of course, they usually get what they want.

13. the normbreaker
- these are people who hates to be like everybody else. They don't care whether everybody's dancing; they would just sit in the corner and drink (if they are even there). At work, they have their own world, don't mingle and seldom smile. But everybody wants to know what they're thinking.

14. the godfather
- these are the people who have all the answers to every question. They know it all. they are never wrong. They are almost god.

15. the clown
- the funniest and safest people in your workplace. they like to make people laugh and they make work easy. the only problem is that their boss don't take them seriously but calls on them to be amused.