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just thinking loud again
Monday, September 25, 2006
im bringing my gay back

the war is finally over. Once again, we're okay. I was just reading through my blog archives and i realized yup, i miss him. I want my gay back. It's just not complete without him (friends, please don't take this in a bad way). I just thought about the things we've gone through and man, that's almost more than what paeng and i had! From the time we were living together, to the time we were fighting when i moved out, to consoling me when paeng left me, to being my friday movie night partner. I simply cannot give those up now. So as soon as i woke up (i slept reading through my blog), i changed then went to his house. I texted him before i fell asleep so he knew i was coming. While i was knocking, i remeber feeling nervous. Is it going to be a welcome smile or a go-away frown? He was okay. He just woke up and was about to cook dinner. After a few minutes , silver was knocking on the door. She didn't want to work and she wanted to sing so she came over when she saw my car. We sang for hours! i almost felt like it was friday and we didn't have to go work tomorrow. I guess you can say we were celebrating because we just got paid! You know, like filipinos do whenever they get their paycheck. but we didn't spend a dime, we were just hanging out. it was a nice feeling to be with them again. Nope, nald and i didn't talk about anything from the past and we usually don't. We are just okay. And that's all i want. I told him i've been seeing douglas at church and that i was planning to make him my new gay since he left me. He said douglas doesn't cook and is too much like me so we won't click. I know...that's why i'm bring my gay back.
Blogger DOPS said...
hello! its been ages!!! hehe joke...kmsta ka na? nice to read your posts again... buti naman nagkabalikan na kau ng friend mo =D yan talaga ang magkaibigan, me babalikan...