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just thinking loud again
Thursday, December 29, 2005
we both like...
we both like movies
scifi, romantic, suspense
we both like roadtrips
chicago, florida, new orleans
we both like playing games
playstation, internet, pc
we both like physics
kinematics, thermodynamics, electricity
we both like math
algebra, calculus, geometry
we both like shopping
clothes, eelctronics, accessories
we both like watching tv
will and grace, sex and the city,queer as folk
we both like staying up late
for work, play or nothing at all
we both like music
singing, listening or downloading
we both like to travel
to china, us and back to the philippines
we both like to look good
rugged, formal , casual
we both like to smell good
perfume, cologne or lotion
we both like spending
cash, credit or debit
we both like making friends
thru acquaintances, friends or the net
we both like men
as toys, lovers or lifelong partners
Anonymous marie said...
is this a riddle? answer is..a woman trapped in a man's body