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just thinking loud again
Sunday, December 11, 2005
christmas 2005 wishlist:an easy way to make me happy
christmas usually means gifts-buying and receiving. I think this will be my first time to come up with a christmas wishlist. Since I won't be with any blood-related family this season, it will be almost imposible to receive this specific gifts. oh what the hell, I could always make this a list of what i want to buy this new year!

1)ipod nano silicon skin.mura lang to, $9.99 here's the link para malagay na sa cart, ill give my address later.lolz. by the way, this is open to strangers too.i'll try to put the picture of this later kung tamad ka mag-link. They accept credit cards in this link.

2)this next one is because of my saturday night life---poker nights! while i was looking for gifts for some of my pockermates, i chanced upon these nice lighters...too bad only daddy erwin and i smoke in the, i want one of these. If you can't see the picture, it is a pokerchip lighter. I like a purple one.

3. books to make me intelligent, just kidding. I know I have read this once before but i just want my own copy of Memoirs of a Geisha. I think it's about 10 dollars sa amazon. book number 2 would be the broker by john grisham. need i say more? grisham nga e, who cares what the story is? i looooooove grisham books! Audio cd's are accepted too. I am well-rounded.

4. i need two more pillows on my bed. the good kind so i don't have to go to my chiropractor ever again.

5. i need more picture frames in my room.
i'm copying what my friend did in her living room. She put a lot of frames around the room and they really look nice. The frames should have brownish color to match my bed.sizes could vary.

6. i was watching tv last weekend and i happened to watch a concert by carly simon. another gift i want this christmas would be a greatest hits cd of carly simon.her voice is just different. and her songs were written just for me. wag na downloaded ha, i can do that for myself.

7. lotion, lotion and some more lotion. Winter really kills me. I look like a walking dry skin. i miss my glow. lotion must have lavender scent. any brand will do.
8. cute toe socks. at present i have 2 pairs already and i really need more...basta colorful or pinkish. i need them because they keep my feet warm at night or, since it's winter time, 100 percent of the time.

9. accessories; necklaces, bracelets. i want the kinds that drew barrymore always wears. fun and colorful. they just make a simple outfit look elegant.

10. a new jewelry box. due to some changes i made recently, i am getting rid of an old jewelry box. new box, new life. of course i want it as colorful as the old one.
Blogger taghorjix said...
i was hacking your blogger account kasi nasira ang format ng blog mo because of the pictures you posted. please edit it.
puro ka ipod nano gifts. tse! magsasawa ka rin jan. its gona be mine!!!!! you want accesories? sige hanap ako. padala ko next yr. :D