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just thinking loud again
Sunday, March 13, 2005
ang tipo kong lalake
i have a checklist of what i want my man to be. it's just that more often than not, i tend to ignore the list and tell myself that well, he can change. But who am i to think that i can do wonders? here's my man's description, just so i won't forget anymore:

1. Smarter than me. I am not, in any sense of it, a geek but i want someone who can talk to me with sense. I want my man to know what i don't know. It just makes him seem more powerful and me, weaker.

2. Responsible. I want an independent person who is responsible enough to take care of himself and me. A good, stable job is a must and knows how to take care of his job.

3. Sense of humor. I want someone who can make me laugh. I know i have a good sense of humor so it is really hard for me to laugh at others' jokes sometimes so if he can do it, he's mah man!

4. Financially stable. A guy who is wise about money is a perfect partner for me. I spend a lot and I want someone who can control me. I need someone who can make me want him more than anything in the mall.

5. I want someone who can make decisions for me. When we go out on a date, i don't want him to ask me what movie i want to watch or where we're going to eat. If it's a bad decision then so be it. I can have fun just being with him anyway.

6. I want someone who can be a man when i want him to and a li'l boy when the situaion calls for it. SOmeone who can pamper me and wouldn't mind being pampered.

7. I want to have a clear constant communication with my partner. I want to be able to tell him what i want or what i don't want without fear of losing him.

8. God-fearing. This should've been number one. I just forgot it. I want someone who has a stronger faith than i do and who can make me closer to God.

9. Someone who values his family. They say that a man who loves his mom dearly could be a good husband.

10. I want someone who can let me be my own person. Someone who doesn't mind being overshadowed sometimes and will be very supportive of my endeavors.