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just thinking loud again
Monday, January 24, 2005
langya namang bakla to
This happened last saturday when I checked my yahoo mail. I received an email from Nald about the bills that i have to pay. Take note that this letter was sent to Tess and Rissa as well, at least according to him. This is what he wrote:

Ronald Cruz Marj

Bellsouth Bill
Local -3.49 -3.49
Internet 21.96 21.96
Long Distance Plan 10.65 10.65
Long Distance Calls 23.61 156.91
Taxes 5.07 5.07
Deposit (Less) -75.00 Entergy 86.55 86.55
Deposit (Less) -75.00
Peoples Water Co. 18.90 18.90
Deposit (Less) -20.00
Apartment Costs (Call Anita for Questions)
Room Door Repair 50.00
Blinds 50.00
Replacement Lock 50.00
Repaint 37.50
Bathroom (Not Cleaned) 25.00
Varnishing 25.00
Vent Hood 70.00
Deposit -200.00
Apartment Costs (C/o Ronald)
Vacuum Steam Rental 27.96 27.96
Labor Costs 60.00

TOTAL 254.51

All receipts are included in the packet except the costs from Anita and the labor for the steaming of the carpet. Most of the deductions from the apartment were caused by you. Anita charged us for your unclean bathroom, your broken bedroom door and the blinds that Yum Yum chewed upon. You did not leave your house key so she was obliged to replace the lock. The amount for the repaint was 70.00 but I charged you only for half because it’s due to both of us smoking. She deducted everything from our deposit leaving us with nothing but 50.00. I believe that this is not right that those expenses should be deducted from me too. I believe that your apartment costs should be deducted from only you and not the both of us. I already talked to Anita about the breakdown of the costs so you can call her if you do not believe me. I need the money not later than January 31.

Failure to comply will force me to submit this case to a small claims court. I will definitely bring this to court due to all the inconveniences you have caused. Do not let this come to that end because you will just end up paying much more. I am sure the last thing you want is going to court because you don’t want your life to be in direct scrutiny. They might just discover another case…


I don't mind paying him any amount actually. I just didn't like the choice of words nor the way he was acting presumptious about me not paying him. I know I shouldn't act on impulse and so I tried to call him. He didn't answer the phone so I emailed him back. I didn't like my letter. Nevertheless, i am proud i wrote and sent it. Here is my response:

ronald dear,
I totally agree with you. You shouldn't be charged
for the blinds,the room door repair,the bathroom and
in all, I should be charged (and this is if you can
give me a receipt) $212.96 (not including labor unless
you paid the same amount) I talked to anita about the
key and she will give you back your 50.00 dollars for
that. Another correction is the amount of my deposit.
The apartment's deposit is $300 and I gave an
additional $100 for yumyum. So your share of the
deposit is 150 and mine is 250. So all in all, yours
is about 132.96 (including the repainting). This does
not include any labor costs which i am not sure why( i
need that straightened up too.) So considering that
you have 150 deposit, I honestly do not think that you
should complain receiving 50.00. That's more than you
deserve, don't you think? And you even have a 50.00
dollar check from anita since I told her to give you
that(cause I can turn in my key). By the way, half of
70.00 is not 37.50. LAst time I checked, it’s 35.00.

I also want to know which packet you are talking about
because I haven't seen any yet. Should I get it from
your house or are you going to mail it? Do you want
me to pay you or the companies? I need receipts and I
couldn’t stress that enough.

I'm not going to forget my responsibilities and you
know that, I am just avoiding you. If you will keep
on threatening me about a case court, I will
wholeheartedly embrace it. I'm sure they would love to
hear about a teacher who's having gay sex in THE SAME
apartment that i was in.Don't ever threaten me. If I
were you, I will stop spreading those nasty rumors
about your exroommate/exfriend. It's just so pathetic
and low. I said I am paying and you know I am capable
of doing just that if it means not having to deal with
you (or your sex life) ever again. Even now, you
still think it's always about the money. As far as I
know, I haven't broken any of my promises yet so my
credibility is commendable. So what's the problem?

About the other bills, I am okay about paying them
before jan.31 so you can celebrate your birthday with
a blast JUST AS LONG AS I GET THE RECEIPTS before that
date so i can personally check it.

Advance happy birthday!

By the way, I sent also this same letter to other
people just like you did.

I know I should've just let this pass and i know he is so desperate now BUT who can ignore such a letter. I am sick and tired of him and I am happy now without his loud presence. I guess, he just can't accept that. I like the way my life is right now and i just hope that one day he could be with his.