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just thinking loud again
Saturday, December 11, 2004
reasons that we hear
Ok. So my blog na ko. Baket ko nga ulit kelangan nito?

First of all, the title tells you why. I am bored. Wala akong magawang kinatutuwa ko. I am a happy and fun person with nobody to have fun with and really nothing to be happy about. Or siguro meron but I’m talking about selfish reasons so in my standards, wala. At least my life here right now is not what I want it to be.

Second reason is because I don’t trust anyone in here. Call me paranoid but really, Filipinos are the ones dragging other Filipinos down. Well, at least in where I am that’s how it is. Nakakabaliw talaga.

Third, I don’t talk that much but I think a lot about a lot of things. Sakit ko na ata yun e. When I was in college I had journals and gave them to my friends when I was done with it. Syempre kse ayaw ko na pakalat kalat yun dito. Yup, specially when I found out that my dad is fond of reading them when I am not home.

Pangapat na rason ay ang malapit na pasko. Hopefully this will help me not to be too sentimental during the break.

Panglima at pinakaexciting sa lahat ay ang dahilan na ako ay lilipat na ng bahay. Yup! After more than a year na pagtitiis at pagddroga, makakalaya na ko sa dungeon ni roommate. Grabe lang talaga ( and I definitely need to write about that on my next post). Wala raw akong nasabi kundi grabe. I never liked having enemies before pero this one is giving me a different high. You would know why. As of now kse di pa tapos ang storya e. Syempre panget pang ikwento. I just wish na maging ok bago lumipat...but then again this is really making me smile.

So now I’m starting a new life in my new house with my new roommate. And of course I will still have problems and definitely every now and then I will compare them to each other in terms of keeping the house. Malamang puro yun ang isususlat ko sa Enero.

Boring di ba? Pero ganun e.